HomeTec 360

Not only does Phone Restore repair smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers. We also offer a number of Connected Home Solutions that can potentially change your life! We've done all the necessary digging to find you the most advanced smart home tech that meets your security, convenience, or monitoring needs at the very lowest price. 


Got kids? Odds are there are many things on the internet which you would not like them to access. We offer plenty of solutions to help you lockdown and monitor and control your kids’ wifi and internet usage. 


We also offer a wide range of smart tech security solutions that will keep you, your family, and your home safer. We can help make sure you have eyes on everything, no matter where you are. 


Let us teach you how you can make your life and home simpler and more efficient through the use of smart home technology. Just a few simple Connected Home Solutions could change your life. 


Does new, technology have you feeling intimidated and out of touch? We can help bring you up to speed on how to get the most out of smart technology. 


Don't let a computer with slow, outdated hardware and software slow you down and decrease your productivity. We have plenty of smart solutions to solve you problems.

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